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I Spy… Winter!

Full CaseWe have a large glass display case in our department, and a few years ago I came across a brilliant idea on Pinterest that I’ve used a number of times since to fill the case: an I Spy display!  It’s a simple concept. Put a bunch of stuff in a display, then post a list of (some of) the contents and challenge kids to find everything on the list. It’s a great self-directed program that kids can do on their own, and I like to have them up for school breaks. I just put up our latest winter-themed case so kids at the library will have something to do over Thanksgiving and winter break.

InstructionsTo keep things interesting for the kids, we give them a challenge question that changes each week, asking them how many of a specific item are in the case. From the right answers, we randomly select a few winners each week and those kids get to pick a prize out of our prize chest.

This is a very easy display to put together and the kids LOVE. IT. When we don’t have one out, we get a lot of questions about when we’ll bring it back. It’s also a great way to use all that random stuff we children’s librarians tend to accumulate!

Case 1

Case 2



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