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Versus Madness

During March Madness, we had our own tournament going on at the library. Borrowing an idea from the Oak Park Public Library’s Idea Box, we did Versus Madness! We set up a bracket with 16 contenders and kids voted for their favorites. Every three days we switched what they were voting for, until earlier last week when Frozen was crowned the champion!

Versus Madness Final Bracket
The final bracket results.


The kids voted for things like chocolate vs. vanilla (can you believe vanilla won?!?), Twizzlers vs. Skittles, Frozen vs. The Lego Movie. If you can’t make out all the images in the picture, you can click here to see a text version of the bracket. The later rounds got a little weird (like Superman vs. Skittles), but the kids just rolled with it. It was the adults we’d hear saying things about how strange the pairings were and wondering how are you were supposed to pick your favorite between such random things.

versus madness voting
How the voting table was set up.


Kids picked their favorite between the two things we had out at the time (here it’s Flappy Bird vs. Candy Crush) and put a slip of paper (yellow birds for Flappy Bird votes and pink flowers for Candy Crush votes) with their name on it into the voting box. We asked for names just to make sure one kid didn’t stuff all the paper into the box at one time.

The bracket during the first round of voting.
The bracket during the first round of voting.

We were pleasantly surprised how into this kids were. We overheard many interesting conversations happening by the table as kids choose what to vote for or discussed the winners. (Like “Oh man, I can’t believe Frozen beat The Lego Movie!” and “How am I supposed to choose between the Blackhawks and the Bears?”) There was a lot of talking that happened with every step of this activity, including parents explaining everything to their younger kids, which was great to hear (though unplanned!).

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