Baby Programs

Baby Storytime: Under the Sea

We went under the sea with these stories about fish and oceans! After several weeks of very low baby storytime attendance, I had 18 people this week (yay!). Everything went over really well with the group.

Opening song: Hello Everybody, Yes Indeed (Carole Stephens)

Felt Board: Rub a Dub Dub
We recited the rhyme together as I put up the felt board pieces.

Rhyme: Here is a Beehive

Hooray for Fish

Book: Hooray for Fish! by Lucy Cousins
Parent tip:
This book introduces a lot of unusual words (and some silly, made-up words!), and having a large vocabulary helps children understand what they hear and, later on, what they are reading. Remember to explain unfamiliar words in books when you encounter them!

Song: Row, Row, Row Your Boat
I used the recorded version by the Old Town School of Music. We rowed, bounced, twisted, tickled, etc.

Felt Board: One Fish, Two Fish
Last week I was digging around in my felt board files and found this one, which I made a few years ago, so I thought I’d include it in my storytime. It’s the first several pages of Dr. Seuss’s One Fish, Two Fish in felt board form (through “Say! What a lot of fish there are!”). I recited the words as I put the pieces up (a couple parents joined in!) and then we counted all the fish.

Song: Once I Caught a Fish Alive

Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider
We sang a second verse about the Great Big Hairy Spider.

Scarves: Octopus’ Garden
We played with scarves as Raffi’s version of the song played.

Big Little

Choral Reading: Big Little by Leslie Patricelli
I have a set of this board book, so everyone got their own copy and we read along together. There was a lot of excitement when I pulled this book out. Several parents said how much they love her books and one little boy thought it was Patricelli’s new book, Toot, which they have at home. The moral: you cannot go wrong with a Leslie Patricelli board book in baby storytime.

Closing Rhyme: Our Hands Say Thank You

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