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Baby Storytime

I didn’t theme this storytime–it’s really just a mishmash. This storytime was the Friday of Easter weekend, so we had more older siblings than usual (the schools were closed) and it was hard to get the kids to focus for very long. You’ll find the songs and rhymes on my Storytime Songs and Rhymes page.

Song: Hello Everybody, Yes Indeed (Carole Peterson)

Rhyme: Here is a Beehive

Book: Baby Parade by Rebecca O’Connell
We waved to all the babies in the book as they passed by in the baby parade. Only some of the storytime babies were interested in the book; I don’t know that I’d use it again anytime soon.

Felt Board: Little Boy Blue
I have a large set of felt boards for common nursery rhymes, and this one is cute because Little Boy Blue is hidden behind a haystack and you flip up a piece to reveal him napping.

Rhyme: Five Plump Peas
This is my new favorite rhyme! I just started using it this month and have been incorporating it into both baby and toddler storytimes. All those p’s are pleasing to say and it’s fun to clap at the end.

Song: Acka Backa Soda Cracker

Rhyme: Slowly, Slowly, Very Slowly

Song: Where Are Baby’s Fingers?

Choral Reading:  We’ve All Got Bellybuttons by Karen Katz
Each family got a copy of the board book so they could read along–and it’s a lift the flap book which is way more fun when you have your own copy.

Egg Shakers:

Rhyme: Our Hands Say Thank You

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