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Terrific 2’s and 3’s Storytime: In the Garden

This week is our last week of storytime for the spring. In May we hire a performer to do a weekly books and music program for the storytime crowd (and our regular year-round, drop-in Saturday storytimes continue). We use the time to get ready for summer reading, which is a wonderful luxury! I did this storytime for 23 people, which was one of the larger turnouts I’ve had recently for this session.

Opening song: If You’re Happy and You Know It

Rhyme: There’s Something in My Garden
I’ve seen this on several blogs, but the original seems to be from SurLaLune. I used our frog, rabbit and mouse puppets.

Rhyme: Here is a Beehive

Up Down and Around

Book: Up, Down, and Around by Katherine Ayres
After reading the book, I asked them if anyone saw foods in the book that they like to eat. This is a very quiet group, though, and it was mostly me talking to them (“I like to eat tomatoes!”).

Fingerplay: Five Plump Peas

Song: Sleeping Bunnies
I love this song and this group loved it, too! We did bunnies, birdies, and crocodiles (I clarified that you won’t see them in your garden, but that I just love chomping crocodiles!). I was going to end there, but a little girl wanted to do worms, so I added a slithering worm verse.

Maisy Grows a Garden

Book: Maisy Grows a Garden by Lucy Cousins
The kids were pretty squirmy today (there were two young two-year-olds who haven’t gotten the hang of sitting and paying attention yet, and they were both wandering around the room and distracting the other kids). At this point in the storytime I changed my plans on the fly. I had planned on reading Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert, but scrapped it because I knew it wouldn’t go well with this group. Maisy Grows a Garden has pull tabs so it held their attention reasonably well. And I love Maisy.

Song: Sticky Bubblegum
I hadn’t done this Carole Stephens song with this age group before (I usually do it with preschoolers), but I’m happy to report it was a hit. I sang several verses and even got some suggestions from the kids about what body parts to stick together.

Felt Board and Song: I’m a Little Seed
This is one of my favorites to do in the springtime; it’s a short and simple song by Carole Stephens. I started by putting up the felt pieces while talking about what seeds need to grow (water and sun) and then we all acted out the song together. They did so well with it, we did it three times!

Song: Hokey Pokey

Craft: 2D flower pots

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