Maker Programs

Carefree Pets

This is a program my coworker Katie did. I asked if I could feature it here since it’s so cute!

Rocky and Tina (Carefree Pets at the Ela Library)
Meet Rocky and Tina.

To tie in with our “Paws to Read” summer reading theme, Katie did Carefree Pets for kids going into grades 3-4. What’s the best kind of carefree pet? That’s right–pet rocks! The kids decorated rocks with wiggle eyes, bows, feathers, pompoms, Sharpies, and all sorts of other things Katie pulled out of our cabinets.

Rock family (Carefree Pets at the Ela Library)
A rock family.

Then they made houses for their pets out of shoeboxes. They used felt, old magazines, patterned paper, doilies, etc. to decorate their houses. Our coworker Rachel printed out pictures of doors and windows that the kids could use as well. The results were so creative!

Bedroom (Carefree Pets at the Ela Library)

One thing I really love about this program is how it’s cheap, easy and required little staff time. Katie bought a couple supplies (like wiggle eyes with eyelashes!), but mostly used things we already had. All she had to do was put out the supplies and let the kids do their thing. The kids wrapped up after 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how into their project they were. And some of them had to be, err, encouraged by their waiting parents at the one-hour mark. So this was definitely a success!

Rock dog (Carefree Pets at the Ela Library)
A rock dog.

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