In which I move to Boston and get a new job

Well, it has been quiet on the blog front this summer because I had a good, but crazy busy, few months. The high point was definitely my trip to Holden Beach, NC. My husband and I rented a beach house for a week with some good friends of ours and it was amazing. It’s a quiet beach with a couple restaurants, a couple ice cream shops and that’s about it. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a quiet beach vacation spot!

But the busiest part of my summer was preparing to move to Boston, from Illinois, for reasons related to my husband’s career. That’s right, I quit a perfectly lovely full-time job-with awesome benefits-that I enjoyed and spent the summer searching for a new job in the Boston area. As luck would have it, I got an offer for a job I’m very excited about while at a rest stop during the drive here. So in a few weeks I’ll be starting a new job in the children’s department of a library in the Boston suburbs. I’ll share more about it once I start and will continue posting program plans and other thoughts on children’s programming (although it might take me a little while to fully get back in the swing of posting). I’m also hoping to do a post or two about job hunting, since it had been over six years since I had last done it and I know I was hungry for all the information I could find!

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