Musings on starting a new job

As I mentioned a few posts ago, last summer I moved to Boston and in September I started a new job. At the time, I intended to keep this blog going. After all, in my new job I do three storytimes a week, plus other regular programs, and I thought at the very least I could post my storytime plans. But, wow, here we are seven months later and only last month did I start thinking about the blog again.

The job I’m in currently is my second professional librarian job, and it’s as head of the library’s Children’s Room. I had some supervisory experience previously as well as a wide range of experience at my last job, so on some level I thought I’d just jump right into my new job and it would be smooth sailing. But, you guys, it turns out starting a new job is hard. <Shocker!> Even though a lot of things were the same (readers’ advisory! reference work! storytimes!), there was a lot of new stuff AND things I consider myself seasoned in still had a learning curve. Yes, I can help you with readers’ advisory… but what do you mean we don’t own all the books I like to suggest? Yes, I can help you find books on <random non-fiction topic>, but, no I don’t know off the top of my head where they are. Yes, I can order new materials, but there are different community needs and a different budget. Yes, I can tell you all of our library policies… after I learn them. (What are our late fines? IS food allowed in the library? What’s our unattended child policy?) And then there are all the little things: what’s the process for paying for program supplies, who do I talk to about getting my email account set up, etc., etc., etc. Plus, you know, running an entire department, albeit a small one. Also, there was the part where I moved halfway across the country to a new city.

So… I’m finally emerging from the new job fog. In hindsight, I realize I should have been prepared for a significant transition period. (Current Liz to Past Liz: Duh.) I’m going to try to check in here periodically, although it likely won’t be as frequently as in the past. And if anyone out there wants to commiserate about starting a new job–or moving halfway across the country!–I’m your gal.

One thought on “Musings on starting a new job

  1. Even after 32 years as a manager, when I moved to my current job, I was just CRUSHED under the newness. All.the.things.you said. Plus add in needing to build new partnerships and discover what programs actually worked for this community. Wow. I really questioned my sanity in making such a big change. But it continues to get better! Hang in there!

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